What are the different styles of Acupuncture?

If you don’t know much about acupuncture, it can be confusing to learn that there are different styles or schools, with different philosophies and ways of practicing. This article explains the main differences, to help you choose what is right for you. Medical or Traditional? The main difference is between the modern, Western ways of […]

Book Review: ‘The Way of Qigong’ by Ken Cohen

‘The Way Of Qigong – The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing’ by Kenneth S. Cohen The problem with most books on Qi Gong or T’ai Chi is that they are very style specific, and aren’t really relevant to people not practicing that particular style. In ‘The Way Of Qigong’ Ken Cohen answers this […]

Cooking with Calendula

My Calendula (Pot Marigold) plants are in full bloom now, and as well as making my garden look great, I’ve been using the petals in my food. The bright orange colour looks amazing, and they have a slightly tangy flavour. Pick the flower heads off when they are fully open, and then pull off the […]

Recipe: Chen Pi Chicken

Chen Pi Chicken is quite a common dish in China – Chen Pi is dried tangerine peel, and it is often used to flavour chicken. This is a great barbeque recipe, or it can be grilled or roasted. The dish ‘orange chicken’ available in many Chinese restaurants in the West is probably a westernization of […]

Acupuncture & IVF

Using acupuncture alongside IVF is becoming quite common, and there has been a great deal of research on this topic in the past few years which indicates that acupuncture increases the chances of a successful IVF cycle by 40-50%. Beginning before the IVF cycle and continuing through to childbirth where necessary, acupuncture improves ovarian function, […]

Recipe: Elderflower Cordial

The elderflowers are starting to appear round my way, so I thought it was the ideal time to share this simple recipe for elderflower cordial. This cordial is so easy and quick to make, and tastes easily as good or better than any cordial you can buy. In Chinese medicine elderflowers have a cooling energy, […]

Boost Your Energy Levels with Chinese Herbs

Using Chinese herbs on a regular basis is a simple but effective way of boosting energy levels and fighting fatigue. In the language of Chinese medicine, energy-boosting herbs are called ‘Qi tonics’. These herbs provide deep, long term tonification to the whole body. They are not empty stimulants, and generally do not have an instant […]

Kitchen herbs: Fennel Seed

In the Mediterranean, Fennel seed has traditionally been as popular as a medicinal herb as it has been as a cooking herb. It excels as a digestive and urinary tonic. Acting on the digestive system it relieves flatulence, abdominal distention and dull pain. In Chinese terms it can be said to warm the middle and […]

Qigong controls glucose in type 2 diabetes

It is rare to see a well designed, randomized controlled study on qigong, and it is nice to see that the benefits of this ancient health art are being shown by modern scientific studies. This recent study, published in American journal ‘Daibetes Care’, looked at 251 adults with type 2 diabetes, and assigned them randomly […]