How To Build A Successful, Thriving Practice (Without Losing Your Mind And Soul Along The Way!)

This weekend long course will teach you how to successfully promote and market your practice, and get as many clients as you need – without using the hard sell, or spending a fortune on advertising

Hi, I’m Neil, and I’m here to help you to build a thriving, successful practice…Neil Kingham

Are you tired of trying to keep your schedule full? Feel like you’re fighting a losing battle? Struggling to make enough money to pay the bills?

Sadly, this is a common story for holistic practitioners of all kinds.

You spend years learning, trying to be the best practitioner you can, and wanting to help as many people as possible.

But…. You struggle to get enough clients, end up wasting money on expensive, ineffective advertising, and begin to get stressed and despondent.

Well you’re not the only one.. AND IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

The weekend or 2 on ‘marketing’ that you get at college (if you were lucky enough to get even that much) is woefully inadequate, and does nothing to prepare you for the realities of selling, marketing and promoting yourself or your practice.

That’s where I come in.

I was in the same position as you when I realised I had to devote some serious time and money to understanding the right way to promote and advertise my practice. I spent many years (and many thousands of pounds) training and experimenting.

Now, at last, my practice is thriving, and I can finally relax and enjoy it.

And I want to share that with you.

I’ve created this weekend long workshop to save you the years of trial-and-error that I went through.

Here’s a summary of what’s included:

Course Content


  • Marketing With Heart – How to put your message across without using the hard sell
  • How to make yourself the ‘obvious’ choice to new clients who are researching their options
  • How to attract new clients to you, instead of having to constantly go out hunting for them
  • The right way to use free consultations (I’ll tell you how I get almost 100% of people coming to a free consult to book in with me – without any kind of underhand pressure tactics – just by explaining things in the right way)


  • The right way to think about how much to charge – And a selection of established pricing models for you to choose from
  • Understanding discounts and how to use them (if done wrong, this can severely damage your practice!)


  • The unexpected things that can make or break your practice
  • Why you should always have a cancellation policy (and an easy and fair way to enforce it)
  • How to talk confidently to people about booking in (and rebooking) without sounding like a salesperson.
  • Tools, resources and services that I personally use and recommend for putting whole sections of your administration and marketing on autopilot


  • All your options for getting your message out there – which ones are worth your time and energy, and which aren’t
  • The anatomy of an advert: Simple advertising secrets that almost nobody in our industry is using
  • The best way to stay ‘top of mind’ so that your past clients remember you, come back to you when they next have a problem, AND regularly recommend you to their friends.
  • The beginners guide to simple website optimisation – How to make your website 10 times more effective than it is now
  • Why you shouldn’t read most marketing books, or try to copy the marketing you see all around you (and what to do instead)
  • An introduction to online advertising (including, what to avoid like the plague: the money-pits that will cost you a fortune with very little return)


  • What it means to be a practitioner – Mindset and ‘inner game’ to help you to thrive
  • The therapist’s ‘magic words’ : I’ll tell you exactly what to say for those difficult situations
  • The secret to getting people to take the advice your offering them
  • Positioning and your USP – Pretty much everybody gets this wrong. But it’s super effective, IF you do it right!
  • And more!


Also included with your place on the course – a FREE personalised critique of your website (or other web presence, eg facebook page) and any 1 item of printed promotion (eg an ad, poster, leaflet etc)

This offer is good for 1 year following the course, so even if you don’t have these things yet, you can show them to me at a later date once they’re ready.

I’ll look at your webpage and printed material with a view to improving the layout, wording, images, structure and more – with the aim always being the same – to improve effectiveness and get people picking up the phone to call you!

(Important note: this is NOT the same thing as just looking good. Any graphic designer can make you something that looks good. What I do is about making sure it WORKS!)

Critiques like this generally cost £100 upwards. Good ones from someone who knows what they’re doing will be considerably more… but you get this as a free bonus when you sign up for the course

Why Am I Doing This?

Being a solo-practitioner is a lonely business, and I want to encourage us to meet up and share and learn together.

I have an abundance mindset, meaning that I believe there is plenty to go round for everyone. I’m happy to share my secrets knowing that your success won’t make me any less successful.

Put simply – The more of us there are helping people who are sick, stress and in pain, the better the world becomes. I want to be a small part in spreading good health far and wide into my community, and beyond.

Benefits To You

Why do this course? After all, you didn’t choose to be a practitioner in order to become a marketing expert. But if you want to be a successful, busy practitioner, you DO have to learn about marketing.

And once you have these skills under your belt, you can

  • Help more people
  • Take time off without worrying how much it’s costing you
  • Concentrate on helping people, not making sure you have enough to pay the bills
  • Reduce stress and worry
  • Spend more time doing what you enjoy

Will this work for you?

What I’m teaching on this course are universal marketing principles, and well established time-tested techniques. If you’re willing to learn, make a few changes and try it out, it’ll work!

My promise to you: Every single thing I share on this course is something I have personal experience with, which I have tried, tested and perfected in the real world.

None of this is pie-in-the-sky academic theory. I’m all about real world, practical tools and techniques, that you can take away with you and immediately apply in your own practice.

About Me

I’m an acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and tui na massage practitioner and the author of the best-selling book “A User’s Guide To Chinese Medicine”. I’ve been in practice for over 16 years, and I also teach acupuncture for the College Of Naturopathic Medicine in Bristol.

I’ve been helping students and practitioners with the practical side of running their practices for the last 8 years – focusing on the marketing and promotion skills that you don’t get taught at college!

Who This Is For

Self-employed complementary health practitioners of all kinds (acupuncturists, massage therapists, homeopaths etc)

Those who are newly qualified and yet to establish their practice, OR those who have been in practice for a while but are struggling to get enough patients

Practitioners who are ready to put in some work to take their practice to the next level

Who This Course Is NOT For

Practitioners employed by someone else (to get the benefits of this course, you really need to be the one in charge of all your own marketing efforts)

People who only want to practice a little bit part time. This is for those who want to grow their practice to full time (or close to it)

Anyone looking for the ‘easy button’. There’s no magic wand – this involves work!

What To Expect

First off, this is a workshop… which means you’ll be doing some WORK! I don’t want you to just come and listen – I’m going to make sure that you go home with something useful.

So we’ll be doing exercises over the weekend to make sure you leave with finished material that you can implement straight away.

I’ll also help you to create a plan of action, for exactly what the next steps are following the weekend.

Course Structure

This is a 2 day course, taking place over a single weekend. Timings will be 9.30am – 5.30pm each day.

Dates: TBC
Location: Conference Room, YHA Bristol, Narrow Quay, Bristol, BS1 4QA, UK

(The YHA is on Bristol’s beautiful waterfront area. As well as the attached YHA cafe, there are plenty of local eateries, and parking is available at the nearby Muddock carpark. For those wishing to stay at the YHA, a 10% discount is available)


Here’s what some of the previous participants of the course said about it:

“Neil’s expertise and experience makes the Practice Building Course invaluable, not only for someone starting out as a therapist but for anyone wishing to attract more customers. I learnt so much and now have more focus and direction” – Andrew Kingsley

“Before the weekend I was wondering just how much useful information would be forth coming over the 2 days of the course. Answer, a lot! All aspects of practice building and advertising were touched upon, some briefly to give an introduction so as to be aware of some of the deep pitfalls.  Other aspects were covered in more depth so that a good basic understanding is laid down. Good humour and anecdotes were part of the course. I now have numerous tools to build a working website and plan a successful advertising campaign.” – Paul Bellamy

“Thank you so much for running the practice building course. It was really useful and packed in a lot of valuable information. I came away knowing what I needed to do and what resources were the best for getting started with my marketing.”  – Valerie Salt

“The course was very on point and it really helped me. There was a lot of practical informations. Amazing how much we discussed and learned in only a weekend, but yet I didn’t walk away feeling satured. On the contrary, I was buzzing.” – Manhu Turpin

For any questions, or if you need more information, please feel free to get in touch