Need Some Extra Help?

Thanks, and Congratulations!

You’ve made a great choice to put your health and well-being first, and I’m excited to get started. But before we do, I wanted to offer you a little extra help…

…you see, what I’ve consistently noticed over the years, is that the quickest progress to Radiant Health comes with personal guidance. When I’ve had a teacher looking out for me, and helping me on an individual basis, that’s when I’ve really noticed huge benefits.

A teacher or coach shortcuts the whole journey. They act as a catalyst for change.

A good teacher or coach sees through all the layers, and knows exactly what you need. You get the benefit of receiving the tailor made teaching you need at that moment in time, for your precise circumstances.

This makes it easier, faster, and more efficient.

Plus, you have the emotional support of knowing there’s someone there for you, ready to guide, listen, and encourage…

And that’s why I’ve put together a personalised coaching package to go alongside the Radiant Health Evolution Program. If you’re looking for personal, hands-on advice, guidance and support, then this is for you.

This is an opportunity to work directly with me, 1-on-1, as your personal Radiant Health Coach.

Here’s how it works:

The Radiant Health Coaching Package

  • Online Wellness And Goals Quesionnaire

    We start with a short but detailed online questionnaire which records your history, current state of health, and exactly what you’re looking for in the program. This is how I start to get to know you.

  • Questionnaire Feedback

    I’ll reply in person by email once as soon as I’ve looked at your questionnaire, with some individualized advice and guidance. This gets the ball rolling.

  • Email Coaching

    Then follows up to 6 sessions of email coaching (one for each module) – Get all your questions answered, feed back your progress, and continue to get tailored advice and guidance. I’ll support you every step of your way through the program.

  • Personal Skype Consultation

    We finish the whole process with a personal 30minute 1-to-1 Skype consultation. This is where we tie up any loose ends, answer any final questions, and plan for the future. This session is all about you. Whatever help, guidance or support you need, you can get it here.

The Greatest Benefits In The Quickest Time

The Radiant Health Evolution Program is complete in itself, and if you work through all the stages, and apply what you’ve learned then you WILL see benefits. This option is for those who want to absolutely maximise those benefits, and get results as quickly as possible.

Nothing beats having a personal coach working for you, and dedicated completely to your ultimate health and well-being.

If you choose work more closely with me, I’ll bring my 20+ years of experience to bear to help you to get to Radiant Health as quickly and efficiently as possible, no matter what your current circumstances are…

  • Get help with specific health problems or conditions
  • Stay motivated and moving forward with regular communication
  • Receive feedback on your progress
  • Get your health and well-being questions answered
  • Benefit from bespoke coaching specific to your unique circumstances

Special One-Time Offer For Radiant Health Evolution Members

I really enjoy working closely with people, and I value your support in committing to the Radiant Health Evolution Program, so right now the price for this Personal Coaching Package is just £127

But, I have to keep a limit on this offer, and make sure that I don’t give away too many at this low price, in order to protect my time and make sure I can be fully committed to those who do take it up.

So, this is a one-time offer – if you’re really serious about taking your health and well-being to the next level, and you’d like my personal help in achieving that, take the opportunity now while you can.

I look forward to working with you…

Radiant Health Personal
Coaching Package – £127

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