Chinese Herbal Medicine For Coronavirus / COVID-19

Chinese herbal medicine is effective in treating coronavirus, either on its own in mild cases, or in combination with Western medicine in severe cases.

Traditional medicine doctors in China have been using Chinese herbal medicine for the virus, as they did for SARS and bird-flu, and the results have been very good.

There have been many different clinical tests on various formulas used for treating the viral pneumonia in the last 2 months. On February 5th Qing Fei Pai Du Tang was given to 214 infected patients with mild to severe symptoms taken for 3 days of observation. There was improvement in 90% of the patients, where 60% showed significant improvement and 30% were stable without aggravation.

In China a total of 74,187 confirmed patients, which account for 91.5 percent of the total infections on the Chinese mainland, have been administered TCM as part of their treatment, and over 90 percent of them have shown improvement, according to Yu Yanhong, Party secretary and top official of the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

China has sent TCM expert teams together with prescriptions to Italy, which has been hit hard by the novel coronavirus pneumonia pandemic, and some of the country’s leading TCM experts recently shared their treatment experience with US counterparts.

The new coronavirus is very strong, and can have severe symptoms in some people. The deciding factor in how severe your symptoms are and how quickly you recover is the strength of your immune system. Chinese medicine works with the body to strengthen the immune system at the same time as reducing coughing, clearing fever and addressing whatever other symptoms are present.

As always, a tailored, personalised treatment is much more effective than any ‘off-the-shelf’ formulas as each persons symptoms and underlying constitution are different.

The virus mainly effects the lung and digestive system, with fever and thick phlegm production. In Chinese medicine terms it can be seen as a type of Damp Heat. Herbal medicine can be very quick and effective in treating these kinds of conditions.

My recommendation is to seek treatment from a qualified Chinese herbal practitioner at the onset of symptoms.

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