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The clinic is now open as usual!
or phone appointments are also still available for herbal medicine


As a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, I use the full range of  Chinese therapies at my Bristol Chinese medicine clinic. I follow an integrated approach to treatment, using different therapies either on their own or in combination, depending on your individual needs and preferences. Chinese herbal medicine consultations are also available online via zoom, skype etc

The therapies available are:

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Tui Na Chinese Massage

Chinese Nutritional Therapy

Holistic Health and Well-Being Coaching

Bristol Chinese Medicine Clinic

Neil’s Bristol Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine clinic is based at Enso Healing Rooms on Cheltenham Rd. Online consultations are also possible for coaching and nutritional advice, and for herbal follow-up appointments.

Conditions Treated

Using acupuncture, herbal medicine and tui na massage alone or in combination, I’m able to treat a very wide range of conditions and health problems, including

Aches, Pains & Injuries  |  Neurological  |  Mental and Emotional  |  Women’s Health  |  Respiratory  |  Skin conditions & Cosmetic  |  Digestive  |  Conception / Sexual  |  Men’s Health

Full list of conditions treated

A Users Guide To Chinese Medicine“A User’s Guide To Chinese Medicine”

Neil’s best-selling book is an an accessible guide to the theory and practice of Chinese Medicine, for those who are having, or considering having treatment, and for anyone interested in discovering this ancient form of medicine.

Written in simple, easy to understand language, it takes you through everything involved in diagnosis and treatment using the 5 branches of Chinese medicine: Acupuncture, Tui Na Massage, Nutrition, T’ai Chi / Qi Gong and Herbs.

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What People Are Saying...


“Having lived on adrenaline and not much else for as long as I can remember, I needed help and turned to Neil. Instantly I appreciated the calmness of his approach – Neil’s a great listener who doesn’t make you run before you can walk.

3 months down the line, it’s no coincidence that I feel so much better. My concentration levels have increased significantly and, with the introduction of some simple breathing techniques Neil has taught me to stay calm in awkard and stressful situations.”

– David Williams, S.Wales


I can still remember waking one morning to find that the splitting headaches which had plagued me continuously for months were gone. The acupuncture treatment received from Neil has continued to improve my health to the point where after a great many months of disappointment and frustration, I can now consider returning to work.

I don’t really know what I would have done without this treatment, and will never forget what Neil has done for both myself and my family.”

– Jim Archer, Bristol

Energy Levels

Having originally approached acupuncture with part ignorance and part skepticism, was pleasantly surprised with the results over a relatively short period of treatments. Afterwards not only did I feel far calmer but also re-energised and far more able to cope with the day to day demands of life.”

– Matthew Morris, Bristol

Sports Injuries

“Neil provided me with acupuncture following an Aikido related injury to my shoulder. I was amazed at the instant pain relief, and can only praise Neil’s professional and friendly approach with his clients.”

Andrew Pugh, Abertillery (S.Wales)


This is a quick note to thank you for the treatments throughout the IVF process and my subsequent pregnancy. My girls were born in October 15 mins apart – a natural delivery. I will be in touch in the future for further treatment as I feel it’s been of such benefit.”

– Lisa Richards, Bristol

Health Maintenance & Well-Being

“I have been seeing Neil regularly for many years now, for acupuncture and tuina, as well as nutritional advice and would highly recommend him. Neil is an expert in his field and you can tell he really knows his stuff, whilst remaining friendly and accessible. I always look forward to my sessions and feel great afterwards.”

– Rosie Freeman, Bristol

Chronic Pain

“I was with my daughter the other day and she was saying that ‘ our first shopping trip’ a few weeks ago was the first time for six years that I had had enough energy and was pain free long enough for us to really enjoy ourselves.

That was a very precious time for us. Thank you Neil because I truly think that the acupuncture and lifestyle advice contributed very significantly to my being able to achieve that.”

– Nicol Furneaux, Portishead


“By far the best massage I have ever received! I used to experience a lot of back, shoulder and neck tension. After just 5 massage sessions with Neil I feel so much relief. I can’t remember the last time I felt this relaxed and calm. Thanks Neil!

– Sophia Duffy, Bristol