Chinese Nutritional Therapy in Bristol And  Online

Chinese Medicine Nutrition is a holistic and ancient approach to nutritional therapy that is suitable for a wide range of complaints. Whether you have a specific health problem, are going through a period of stress, or would just like have more energy and to feel better in yourself, changes to the way you eat can have drastic results. Nutritional consultations available in Bristol and online.


  • Practical, realistic advice
  • No strict rules or diet-plans
  • Works with your routines and preferences
  • Food based, not supplement based
  • Easy to understand and follow

What Does Chinese Nutritional Therapy Help?

Digestive complaints including bloating, IBS, constipation, diarrhea, food allergies, trouble losing or gaining weight and so on all respond well to this kind of nutritional treatment.

ALSO Low energy, skin conditions, hormonal imbalance, and many mental or emotional problems such as depression and anxiety can also be helped in this way.

How Does It Work?

Chinese Dietary Therapy uses thousands of years of knowledge about the healing effects of foods to provide a holistic treatment of internal diseases of all kinds. Instead of looking at the composition of foods in terms of vitamins, minerals, fiber, fats and so on the Chinese dietary approach is to consider the energy of a food – that is, what it does to you when you eat it.

A simple example is a chilli pepper which has a hot energy. This means that chillis, along with other strongly heating foods, are not recommended for diseases or problems where heat is a contributing factor. As well as the energetic ‘temperature’ of a food, there are many other aspects to consider, such as which organs or parts of the body the food effects, whether it is drying or moistening, and other attributes.

The Chinese medicine diet uses this detailed understanding of the effects of food on the body, allowing me to make recommendations that will help you to adjust your diet to allow healing to occur.

These modifications very rarely involve a drastic change in diet or a strict dietary regime to stick to, normally the advice is to eat a little more of these things, and a little less of those – an approach that has been called ‘the dietary tilt’.

The guiding principle of Chinese Medicine has always been to treat illness first with diet, resorting to other methods only if this fails. Yet sadly, this approach has been lost by most practitioners of Chinese medicine who now focus only one one therapy (eg acupuncture) without a wider understanding of the importance of diet in good health.

Nutritional Therapy is one of my specializations – I teach this subject at post-grad level, as well as writing on the topic for magazines and journals.

A Bespoke Nutritional Service

HerbsAny dietary suggestions given will be tailored to your individual circumstances. You may not have the time to cook regularly, or may have a schedule that prevents you from sticking to set meal times. There may be certain foods you do or don’t like. Whatever your lifestyle and food preferences, there will be simple changes you can make to your diet to improve your health.

My approach is all about working with you to find out what changes or alterations will work for you. You won’t be asked to eat lots of bizarre or unusual ‘health foods’, or to make radical changes. All foods have a healing potential, it’s just a case of understanding this, and making sure you get the right balance.

It is often beneficial to add herbs to the diet, and I can also advise on suitable herbs for your condition and constitution, both Eastern and Western.

Nutritional therapy is a very effective as a therapy of its own, but can also be combined with other Traditional Chinese therapies – for instance Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture or tui na massage.

Where Is It Available?

Neil’s Bristol Chinese Medicine Clinic is situated on Cheltenham Road, Bristol.

For more details and maps, please visit the clinics page

If you are unable to come to my Bristol clinic for a face-to-face consultation, online, phone or skype consultations are also possible.

For more information, or to book your free 30-minute discovery session, just call or email