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Chinese Massage Bristol

Neil offers both traditional Tui Na (Chinese Acupressure Massage) and Chinese Meridian Massage (a blend of Tui Na and other holistic massage techniques) – Both are available in the Bristol clinic

Tui Na – Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage

tuina massage
  • Good for knots, stiffness & pain
  • Also treats internal conditions
  • Deeply Relaxing
  • Versatile: Can be strong or light
  • Incorporates Acupressure
  • Like ‘acupuncture without needles’
  • Normally no need to undress

Tui Na (pronounced ‘twee nar‘, and sometimes known as ‘anmo‘) is an ancient form of holistic bodywork and one of the main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is around 3000 years old, and many modern massage styles such as Swedish massage and Shiatsu are derived from it.

As a truly holistic massage, it is effective for all manner of physical and muscular problems and is also a kind of ‘acupuncture without needles’ which is able to treat the same internal conditions as acupuncture.

Tui Na massage therapists work with both the physical body and the energetic body; They use what you would recognize as massage techniques to ease the knots and tension out of muscles, and at the same time work with the meridians and acupoints to regulate and balance the flow of energy (Qi).

Sometimes, Chinese Tui Na is called ‘acupressure massage‘ as it uses acupressure, and other manual techniques, to stimulate the same points that are used in acupuncture.

What Does Tui Na Massage Therapy Feel Like?

Tui Na massage can be broadly divided into Yin and Yang styles. Yin Style Tui Na, sometimes called ‘Qi Gong Tui Na’ is a very gentle healing practice using a light touch. It regulates and balances the energy (Qi), clearing stagnation and strengthening organ function. It is a deeply calming and relaxing massage treatment and is suitable for all internal conditions, stress management and for those who prefer a light touch or who dislike strong massage.

Yang style Tui Na is a more physical treatment that uses deep penetrating techniques to break down muscular tension. It is extremely effective on knots and tight muscles, but without being painful as some deep massages can be. It is similar to deep tissue massage or sports massage and is very effective for pain relief and very tense or knotted muscles.

In actual fact, the skilled practitioner will use both Yin and Yang techniques as required, and most treatments are somewhere between the 2 extremes. There are no set routines, and treatments are always tailored to each person depending on individual needs. Although there may be tender areas, it will never be painful!

Tui Na massages are performed through clothing, so it’s best to wear something light and comfortable.

What Can Tui Na Treat?tuina

The theory of Tui Na massage is the same as that of Acupuncture, so it has the same detailed diagnostic methods and complex understanding of the body and mind, and it can be used as an effective alternative to acupuncture treatment. This is what marks it as separate from most other massages. In Tui Na, the therapy is inseparable from the theory.

This holistic approach makes Tui Na suitable for far more than just muscular problems. In fact, it can be successfully used for the same kinds of conditions as acupuncture, and is the best kind of massage for treating respiratory, circulatory, digestive, psychoemotional and hormonal as well as other more internal health conditions. As well as its use for specific problems and illnesses, tui na massage benefits overall well-being and health maintenance.

Tui Na is rapidly gaining exposure and popularity in the UK. The newly formed Register of Tui Na Chinese Massage, of which Neil is a founding member, has been created to ensure high standards of training and practice, allowing members of the public to ensure that they in the hands of a skilled and fully qualified practitioner.

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Chinese Meridian Massage

oil massage
  • Deeply Relaxing & Nurturing
  • Full Body Massage
  • Regulating & Harmonising
  • Encourages opening and connection
  • Oil Based Massage

Meridian Massage is a unique blend of Tui Na and a range of other massage techniques, performed using oil. It draws influence from tui na, qi gong and Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage.

This is a fluid, flowing and rhythmic style of massage that uses long flowing strokes of moderate pressure, and is adapted to your own personal needs and preferences – every time will be different. It is the ideal choice if you prefer oil-based rather than clothed massage, or just want to relax and ‘let-go’.

It is a healing on all levels, and deeply relaxing, and encourages physical, mental emotional and spiritual unfolding and letting-go.  It will leave you feeling loose, relaxed, and calm

Using traditional Tui Na theory, the massage encourages Qi flow throughout the body, and removes blockages and stagnation. The holding or pressing of acupoints further enhances balance and wellbeing.

This is a superb de-stressing massage, which can be used at times of particularly high stress, as relaxing ‘maintenance’ session, or as a treat for yourself.

You will need to undress for this massage, to whatever level you are comfortable with, and your modest will be protected at all times.

Where Is It Available?

Neil’s Bristol Massage and Acupuncture Clinic is situated on Cheltenham Road, Bristol.

For more details and maps, please visit the clinics page

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