Bristol Clinic Location

Neil’s Bristol Chinese Medicine clinic is located at

Enso Healing Rooms,
190 Cheltenham Road,

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ONLINE consultations are also available by skype, zoom etc

For appointments for any clinic please Contact Neil


Discovery Session (30mins) – FREE

A free session, with no obligation, giving you the chance to talk through treatment options, and get all your questions answered. Can be carried out in-person at the Bristol clinic, or by phone or skype.

Initial Consultation And Strategy Session

Your first appointment will be a detailed introductory and strategy session. Everyone is different and so the initial consultation is crucial for every new patient, in order to establish your individual needs and requirements. This is a longer session, which allows enough time for a detailed case history, diagnosis and planning. This session includes:

  • Taking a detailed case history
  • A full Chinese diagnosis, explained to you in clear, understandable terms
  • Discussion of all possible treatment options
  • Deciding together on a personalised treatment strategy for the future
  • Your first treatment (if acupuncture or tui na) is also included in this session

If you want Chinese herbs only, the Initial consultation cost is £65, and lasts about an hour.

For acupuncture, tui na, or combinations of different treatments, the initial consultation cost is £85, including treatment, and lasts up to 90 mins.

If you are taking Chinese herbs, the cost of the herbs is in addition to the consultation fee.

Follow-up sessions

The cost and duration of follow-up sessions is variable, depending on your needs and preferences, as discussed in the Introductory session. Discounts are available if you’re coming regularly for treatment.

Please note that 24hrs is required for a cancellation or change of appointment, otherwise a cancellation fee applies.

For more information, or to book your 30 minute free discovery session or full initial consultation, just call or email