qi gong practcie
  • Acupressure and self massage (Tui Na)
  • Nutritional/dietary alterations
  • Relaxation and breathing exercises (Qi Gong)
  • Herbal supplementation
  • Physical exercise

What is Radiant Health Coaching?

Radiant Health Coaching is an empowering way of helping you to take control of your health and well-being. You may have a specific ailment or condition, a reoccurring problem or area of weakness, or you may just feel like you need a tune-up or that ‘something isn’t right’ – Radiant Health Coaching can help.

Radiant Health Coaching is a way of getting bespoke advice and training on health and well-being targeted at your individual needs and preferences. It is a way of taking your health into your own hands and working to prevent illness and maintain optimum health.

It includes many branches of Chinese Medicine that can be used by yourself to greatly improve health and well-being. These are the ‘Yang Sheng Fa’ or ‘Methods for Nourishing Life’, which include acupressure and self-massage (Tui Na), nutritional/dietary alterations, relaxation and breathing exercises (Qi Gong), herbal supplementation and physical exercise.

What Can It Help?

As a holistic health coach, I can help with all aspects of health and well-being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. For instance:

  • Low energy levels
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Poor immunity
  • Depression or low mood
  • Poor digestion
  • PMS and hormonal imbalance
  • Lack of concentration
  • and more…

What’s Special About the Integrated Chinese approach?

The Chinese Health Arts have a long and distinguished history and are based on a unique and very detailed understanding of health and disease. As holistic therapies, they don’t distinguish between physical, mental or emotional but instead take all of these together to paint a picture of the whole person. They are thus able to work on all levels of health and deal with symptoms on any of these 3 levels.

In ancient China, a doctor’s role was not to treat the sick but to maintain health – in fact, doctors were paid by the people only as long as they were well, as soon as they fell ill they stopped paying! Yang Sheng Coaching performs the same role – it is a way of preventing illness and improving your health and wellbeing.

Why have Radiant Health Coaching?

Radiant Health Coaching allows you to take control of your own health and well-being. It can be confusing knowing what to do for the best, with lots of conflicting information around in the press. Often the reason for this conflicting advice is simple – what works for one person does not work for the next. This is why personalised, bespoke health advice works so well.

Using the highly detailed diagnostic tools of Chinese Medicine, I can get an in-depth understanding of your health and then give appropriate recommendations for the very best things you can do yourself to take your health and well-being to a new level.

This is a highly personalised approach to holistic well-being – I’ll work WITH you, to create a program to exactly fit your needs, using whatever tools and methods will be most effective. You’ll come to understand yourself, and exactly what you need to do to reach your health goals.

If you’re in the UK and can come to Bristol then we can book a face-to-face appointment. Otherwise, online consultations and coaching can easily be arranged by Skype or Phone.

For more information, or to book your free 30 minute discovery session, just call or email