Calendula (Marigold) – The Perfect Herb?

calendulaThis year I would like to encourage you to grow some Calendula (Pot Marigold) along with me. In my view, it ticks all the boxes for a herb to grow at home. I only have a small garden, so every plant needs to earn its keep. Calendula does so admirably – it has beautiful flowers, it’s easy to grow, very cheap, and has both medicinal and culinary uses.

Its bright orange-yellow petals brighten up salads, colour rice and add a pleasant taste to casseroles. They are also used medicinally to reduce inflammation, promote wound healing, and are used as an antiseptic. Used externally, calendula creams and ointments have strong healing properties. Later in the year, when the first flowers appear, I’ll share some recipes and remedies using Calendula that you might like to try.

I have some seed saved from last year’s plants which I’ll be sowing soon. If you’d like to grow some too, you can easily get the seed from any of the large seed suppliers, or buy the plants in a couple of months.

Make sure you get ‘Pot’ or ‘English’ marigold – the Latin name is Calendula. Do not mistake it for the French Marigold (Latin name Tagetes) which is a common garden plant.

This page has some good growing tips for Calendula.