Chinese Medicine For Male Infertility

Chinese Medicine, especially acupuncture, is often used for fertility problems for women, but its role in helping with fertility problems for men tends to be overlooked – A shame, as it has such a lot to offer!

I’m prompted to write about this following a particularly good result with one of my current patients at my Bristol clinic – lets call him James. I first saw James about 6 weeks ago, along with his wife. They had been having trouble conceiving, and were looking for treatment to improve their chances.

James had been tested, and was found to have a very low sperm count, of around only 1.2 million (over 15 million is considered ‘normal’) After six weeks of treatment, he was tested again, with a huge improvement in both sperm count and other indicators of sperm health:

Count: From 1.2 million to 35 million
Motility (a measurement of the movement of the sperm): From 10% to 60%
Morphology (number of ‘normal’ shaped sperm): from 15% to 30%

This puts James well within normal levels, and hugely increases the chances of him and his wife conceiving naturally. Needless to say, all 3 of us are extremely pleased with the result!

I put the huge improvement down to James’ willingness to embrace an integrated approach to treatment, using a range of different treatments and lifestyle alterations. As well as regular acupuncture, James took my advice on herbal supplements, and we discussed diet at length. He had already cut out alcohol and caffeine, and at my suggestion he and his wife began to move more towards organic food, and incorporated a range of Qi and Jing tonic foods into their diet. He was also taking regular exercise.

His results are proof of the dramatic effects that an integrated and holistic approach to health can achieve – using the different branches of Chinese Medicine together in this way amplifies the effect, and has better and quicker results than just using one therapy alone (just acupuncture, say) – It is my very firm belief that this is the same for all health conditions, and the more complex or chronic they are, the more important this approach is!

So well done to James, and I’m hoping for the pattering of tiny feet very soon!

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