Couples Massage Workshops – Bristol

Learn and practice simple massage techniques for your loved one in a special session tailored just for you, available in Bristol.

Takes turns to massage each other, with expert guidance and tuition all the way, with all the techniques clearly demonstrated and explained.

Giving a massage is one of the most loving gifts you can give… When you harness the healing power of touch, you relieve tension, and create peace, relaxation and calm for your partner.

Couples Massage workshops are a unique opportunity to learn simple but effective massage techniques that you can use at home on your partner. No experience is necessary, and the session is fun, informal and relaxed. You find that it’s easy to learn massage techniques, and you will take home a complete routine that you can then practice on each other.

These couples massage sessions are anywhere from 90 mins to 3 hrs long, with a brief introduction to start, and a short break in the middle, but most of the time spent massaging or being massaged!

The most popular massage to learn is a back massage, but the session can be tailored to your preferences, and I can teach you a full-body routine, or focus on a specific part of the body if that’s what you want. The session is entirely yours, for you to learn and practice whatever you want!

The massages can be performed either through clothes, or on the skin using oil, depending on what you would prefer. You can also learn some simple acupressure techniques if you’d like.

Come along with your partner and learn how to massage each other, and it’s a skill you’ll keep with you for life…

Just contact me for more information or to book your session.


Simple Back And Shoulders – 2hr session – Learn simple but effective techniques for massaging the back and shoulders

Full Body Massage – 2.5hr session – The most popular. Learn a full body massage routine, guaranteed to send your partner into a state of bliss!

Full Body (Extended) – 3 hr session – Take the full body routine to the next level with extra techniques, and some acupressure.

Bespoke – Various lengths – If there’s something in particular that you’re after, feel free to contact me. I’ve put together all kinds of bespoke packages for couples looking for something specific.

Just contact me for more information or to book your session.