The Nutrition Seminars


The answers to all your diet and nutrition questions! In this 5-CD box set,  I lay out my practical, no-nonsense approach to healthy eating, with loads of simple tips and advice that you can start to use straight away.

Combining the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine with the modern scientific understanding of nutrition, this set has all the information you need to immediately begin to understand and improve your diet – for better health, more energy and less stress.

Each CD contains the edited recordings of live, ‘invite-only’ nutrition seminars held over the past couple of years. Full running time over 3 hours.

CD1: The Caveman Diet

Health tips from our ancestors! A discussion of modern food processing techniques and eating habits, compared with the natural diet of our ‘caveman’ predecessors.

  • What the cavemen knew, but we’ve forgotten
  • The nutritional difference between farmed and wild meat
  • The ‘invisible’ modern processing methods you’ve never heard of
  • Pros and cons of the ‘paleo diet’ and its offshoots
  • And lots more…!

CD2: The Truth About Superfoods

What is a ‘Superfood’, really? A discussion of the healing powers of foods, with specific reference to Chinese Medicine.

  • How to use the healing food scale to identify therapeutic foods
  • How to think about food the Chinese way
  • Why there is NO SUCH THING as a healthy food
  • 2 healing foods that are growing right under your nose!
  • And lots more…!

CD3: Traditional Diets & Live Food

What traditional diets from around the world can teach us, and the essential role of live (fermented) food in health maintenance

  • Different Diets around the world (and the ‘French Paradox’)
  • What is fermentation, and why is it so important?
  • the VITAL role of ‘friendly bacteria’ in health
  • How an American dentist discovered the keys to good nutrition, and why we still don’t know them
  • And lots more…!

CD4: Boosting Energy With Nutrition

What Chinese Medicine has to say about healthy eating, and the simple rules to getting the most energy you can from your food.

  • How, and what to eat for MAXIMUM energy
  • Important lessons on digestion from Chinese medicine
  • Why salad isn’t always good for you!
  • The ‘Qi tonic‘ foods, and how to use them
  • And lots more…!

CD5: Nutritional Approaches to Stress & Anxiety

How to treat stress and anxiety with food, combining tips from Western and Chinese nutritional approaches.

  • Understanding stress according to Chinese medicine
  • The 15 most important foods for relieving stress
  • How to ‘settle the Shen’ – A Chinese approach to de-stressing
  • The importance of minerals in keeping cool, calm and collected
  • And lots more…!

In over 3 hours of recordings, you ‘ll find out how SMALL changes to what and how you eat can have a BIG impact on your health and well-being

The truth is… The single most important thing you can do to improve your health, is change your diet. I show you exactly how so you canimmediately begin to benefit from better immunity, better digestion, more energy, and all round improved health and well-being.

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