A User’s Guide To Chinese Medicine

thumbnailThe Amazon best-selling guide to the theory and practice of Chinese Medicine, for those who are having, or considering having treatment, and for anyone interested in discovering this ancient form of medicine.

With simplicity and insight, this book describes in detail the process  of Chinese diagnosis and treatment, as well as the ancient theories that underlie them.

An ideal book for anyone who is having, or considering having any kind of Chinese treatment, for t’ai chi and chi kung practitioners, complementary therapists, and anyone else interested in finding out more about Chinese medicine.


  • Using The 5 Branches Of Chinese Medicine
  • What is ‘Qi’ (or ‘Chi’)?
  • Understanding the language of Chinese Medicine
  • How Chinese Medicine differs to Western Medicine
  • The 3 Steps To Radiant Health
  • The Causes Of Disease
  • Traditional Chinese Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis
  • The Chinese Organ System
  • How To Choose A Practitioner
  • Understanding the Meridians and Acupoints
  • Food As medicine – Chinese Dietary Therapy and Nutrition
  • How to Maintain Health & Prevent lllness


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