Qi Gong ‘Helps Fight Cancer’

Recent joint studies from China and the USA show that regular practice of qigong can help cancer patients live longer, reports ChanelNewsAsia.com – The study shows that qigong practice significantly decreases reoccurrence of cancer and improves oxygen intake.

It’s probably not surprising that the story doesn’t make any mention of Qi or of traditional Chinese medicine, as it is reporting a scientific study. Nevertheless, the aims of qigong include regulating and strengthening the Qi, and so improving overall health. I know many people whose health has benefited from qigong practice, including some who are certain that it has helped them significantly with their recovery from serious illness. Tai Chi and Qi Gong have been part of my own practice for many years, and I often recommend them to my patients. I believe that regular practice of these arts is one of the single best ways to good health and wellbeing.

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Some studies show practicing qigong helps fight cancer