Chinese Medicine For Migraines

Migraines are often related to stress or can occur along-side fatigue, muscular pains or insomnia and are often accompanied by nausea, dizziness and aversion to bright lights. In all of these cases, Chinese Medicine can be used to treat the root cause of the problem as well as dealing with the manifestation.

There are a number of causes of headaches and migraine, and Chinese medicine distinguishes many different types, depending on the nature and location of the pain, and other symptoms.  In my Bristol Chinese Medicine Clinic, I have helped many people with migraines, and results are generally excellent.

Chinese Herbs For Migraines

Chinese herbs can be extremely effective in controlling migraines. They help to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks by balancing the whole system, regulating the hormones and reducing muscle tension. Herbal formulas are made specifically for you, are are different for each person, reflecting your own exact symptoms, constitution and overall levels of health.

Acupuncture For Migraines

The acupuncture treatment of headaches and migraines has been extensively researched, and a systematic review of the evidence by the Cochrane collaboration concluded that for migraine acupuncture treatment is at least as effective, or possible more effective than treatment with drugs, but without the side effects. They also found that treatment by acupuncture was effective for chronic tension-type headaches.

Other Chinese Medicine Treatments For Migraine

In many cases tight muscles in the neck and shoulders can contribute to or even cause headaches or migraine, and Tui Na massage is especially useful to relax the muscles and often has dramatic effects. If you have held tension in these muscles for some time you may not even realise that they are the cause of the problem.

Diet can be an important factor, particularly with migraine – in some sufferers a specific food can trigger a migraine attack (often shellfish, red wine or chocolate for instance.) Even if there is not a direct trigger such as this it is often possible to control attacks by relatively simple changes to the diet, a Chinese nutritional analysis will reveal if there are changes that you could make in this area.

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