Chinese Dietary Therapy Magazine

Chinese Dietary Therapy (or Chinese Nutrition) is a subject that I believe is one of the cornerstones of Chinese Medicine, and the surest path to good health. Although it’s something I use a great deal in my practice, it’s sadly quite neglected among the community of Chinese Medicine practitioners, and it can be hard to get good information about it.

With the launch of a new magazine on the topic, hopefully that’s set to change. ‘Five Flavours’ is a new magazine about Chinese Dietary Therapy, aimed at those with little or no background in the subject. It will explain the basics (and specifics) of healthy eating according to Chinese Medicine, and give you the tools to improve your own health using your diet.

I will be contributing a few articles, alongside some of the most well respected writers on the subject. It should be well worth checking out!

The introductory issue is now out – click here for more information.