Acupuncture for Impotence & Erectile Dysfunction

Recently, acupuncture has had a lot of coverage in the press for the great results than can be achieved in increasing the success of IVF and improving fertility. However, what’s not so well known is the role it can play in treating sexual dysfunction in both men.

Take impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) – a very common problem, which causes a great deal of worry and anguish.

In Chinese medicine, broadly speaking, we can say that sexual desire and libido are aspects of Yang, while sexual performance relates more to Yin. So in cases where there is difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, this could come under either heading – If there is a lack of libido, with feelings of tiredness and cold it is more likely Yang Deficiency, while a high sex drive with inability to maintain erection and feelings of heat and agitation point more to Yin deficiency.

Once the case history is taken, the acupuncturist can work out the exact ‘pattern of disharmony’ which underlies the problem, be it Yin Deficiency, Yang Deficiency or something else. Of course, most cases are not as simple as this, and there are often a number of different things going on at once, giving a more complicated picture – this is why professional diagnosis is essential.

This is clearly not a new problem – the Chinese Classics contain a wealth of detail about the understanding and treatment of conditions like these. As always, a broad approach to treatment is most effective – Erectile dysfunction can be a purely physical condition, but most often has mental or emotional elements – stress can be an important factor.

Acupuncture For Erectile Dysfunction

As a holistic treatment, acupuncture has the ability to address the whole person, on physical, mental and emotional levels and is thus ideally placed to treat conditions such as this.

The acupuncture treatment for ED/Impotence is different for each individual, and is based on your overall levels of health, as well as your specific symptoms. It reduces stress and performance anxiety, and balances and regulates your system so that everything works as it should do.

A study by Ren et al, published in the journal Chinese Acumoxa looked at 258 cases of erectile dysfunction. After 12 treatments, 87 cases (33.7%)  were completely cured, and 157 others reported improvements, for a total rate of 94.6% having improvement or cure. A separate study by Dr He published in Jiangsu Chinese Medicine also looked at the acupuncture treatment of ED and  found a similar overall amelioration rate of 89.4%

Naturally, this can be an embarrassing condition, but it’s not something you have to live with. If it’s something that effects you, find an acupuncturist with experience in this area, and go along for some treatment, you won’t regret it

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