Acupoints: Pericardium 6, ‘Nei Guan’ – For nausea and stress

The point P6 or ‘Nei Guan’ is another one of the stars of acupuncture and tui na, and a very useful one to know for home use as it has strong anti-nausea effects, and also helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

It’s quite easy to find too… it’s on the inner arm, technically 2 ‘cun’ from the wrist crease (a cun is a Chinese unit of measurement used by acupuncturists). To find it, just measure 2 finger widths up your arm from the wrist crease. The point P6 is in between the 2 tendons that run down your arm. Some people only have 1 tendon, in which case locate the point just on the little finger (ulnar) side of the tendon.

This is the point that is stimulated by the travel-sickness bands that you can buy. If you use them, make sure that they’re correctly aligned to this point – it’s easy to wear them too close to the wrist, in which case they might be (literally) missing the point.

P6 can be used for any kind of nausea or sickness – including travel or motion sickness and morning sickness.

It’s other main function is that is ‘calms the spirit’ and can be used for stress and anxiety of all kinds. Needless to say, it is doubly effective when stress or anxiety lead to feelings of nausea or sickness!

To use the point, simply apply firm pressure with a thumb or finger, or use the travel sickness bands which you wear. You can use this point any time you feel nauseous or sick, or if you feel stressed or anxious.

Self-acupressure is a powerful way of achieving Radiant Health…. and I speak lots more about this in my Radiant Health System