Chinese New Year Of The Horse

horseJan 31st 2014 is Chinese new year, and marks the beginning of the Year Of The Horse.

Horse years, just like the animal they are named for, are said to be lively, fast-moving and dynamic. This is not a year for gradual developments, slow progression, or the ‘status quo’. Instead there is excitement and speed, with adventures and recklessness.

This is a good time for ‘letting yourself go’ somewhat, and following flights of fancy. It is not a year that rewards slow, deliberate planning.

The speed of change and activity in a Horse year can leave you feeling tired and depleted, however, so you need to watch out that you don’t try to do too much.

In terms of the 5 elements, this is a ‘Wood’ year, which does slightly ‘reign in’ the recklessness of the Horse. The Wood Horse is more reasonable and planned than some other elements, so hopefully we can look forward to a fast paced, exciting year, without too many erratic twists and turns.

Horse years are said to be good for production and industry, and if this holds true for this coming year, it could indicate an increase in the world economy. Let’s hope so!