Year Of The Monkey

Year Of The Monkey (2016)

Feb 8th 2016 is Chinese New Year – And we’re going into the Year Of The Monkey.

The Monkey is energetic, irreverent, playful, smart and above all, lucky – so Monkey years are supposed to be good years! Monkey years are ‘can-do’ years were obstacles and roadblocks and navigated around with ease, using the Monkey’s cunning and agile thinking.

It should be a progressive year, with lots of innovation and ingenuity. With so much creative smarts flying around, people will be trying to out-do each other, and succeeding, to the extent it might be hard to keep up with developments!

Monkey years are said to be good for taking calculated risks. If you are ingenious and quick-witted, the sky is the limit in Monkey years.

Everything will be changeable and unpredictable, and there may be upheaval and revolution, along with some deception and trickery. But the Monkey’s communication skills, humour and wit will help us to see the bright side of all this change.

On a personal level, this is a year to stride forward and reach out for whatever may lay ahead.

So, Guònián Hǎo  (‘pass the new year well!’) and enjoy the Monkey year!

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