Why ‘The Secret’ Is WRONG!

In my last post I spoke of the importance of mind-set, and the impossibility of achieving something if you haven’t first made it a target and a priority. I also mentioned the ‘law of attraction’.

That one post generated more email responses than any other yet – so thanks to all those who got in touch. It’s prompted me to expand on my thinking about the ‘law of attraction’, especially what I see as wafty, wishful thinking, and why the hit film ‘the secret’ got it all wrong!

The law of attraction says that basically, ‘like attracts like’. Put another way, that positive thoughts attract positivity, and that maintaining a positive outlook and focusing on specific desired outcomes,  can cause them to ‘manifest’ in reality.

The thing is, you can’t just sit quietly in a corner and visualise winning the lottery, or perfect health, or anything else, and cause it to magically appear (this idea is brilliantly taken off with ‘Spacestar Ordering’ in The IT Crowd)

If that sounds completely obvious, it’s because it is, and yet I know plenty of people who are essentially doing just that! So what was the point of my last post on positive thinking?

Let’s revisit the quote I started with:”It is the faculty of the human mind to become what it contemplates and to act in unison with its objective.” – Thomas Payne

The most important bit is at the end – and act in unison with its objective. This is what gives focus, visualisation and guided intention its power. Be clear on what the outcome is that you want, and you will be able to consciously and subconsciously work towards that goal.  Program your subconscious with positive ideas and images, and at the same time act on those ideas and images… keep learning, and put into practice what you learn, and you’ll move forward towards your goal.

Top sportspeople visualise themselves winning, picture in detail exactly what they’ll be doing and how well they will do it. This is an well established and proven technique for improving performance, but naturally it relies on the action of the sportsperson, the training and practice, and not just on ‘wishful thinking’ alone.

Your subconscious is powerful, and it is always working, but you can choose whether it works for you or against you…

What does this mean for you? What could it do for you, if you let it?

For me, this means continually moving away from illness and towards Radiant Health, a constant and gradual development and cultivation of physical, mental and emotional health, feeling better, happier, healthier on all levels.

If you too think that this is a worthwhile goal, then I’d encourage you to come with me on that journey, and I’ll give you all the help I can. I’ve very recently  laid out the pathway that I’ve taken (and which you can follow, if you choose to), on a free online training event. I’d love it if I could share my experience, and help you avoid some of the pitfalls and wrong-turns along the way – you can find the free video here.