Money And The Modern Practitioner

You know what? I’m just going to say it:


I believe that as a practitioner, you should be fairly remunerated for your skills.

I believe that your practice should make a healthy profit and you should be able to support yourself financially.

And you put a lot of money into your training, and that should count for something, too.

So as a practitioner you should spend a while thinking about money, and your relationship to it. How you think about money is important.

Here are some things to consider:

  • The big question: How much to charge? (And how do you choose that figure?)
  • Pros and cons of special offers (they can be useful when you use them right, or they can kill your practice if you do it wrong)
  • Should you offer discounts? Concessions? Mates rates?
  • Should you must have a cancellation policy, and if so, how do you enforce it without feeling like ‘the bad guy’ or getting anyone’s back up
  • Can you talk calking confidently about payment and charges, even if you don’t feel confident?

It should go without saying that you need to give some serious thought to this topic.

I’m not talking about being a millionaire – just generating enough to live on. And if you can’t do that, you’re in a sticky position. Constant stress, counting the pennies, worrying about where the next client will come from…

…and eventually, maybe deciding that it just isn’t going to work, closing up shop and abandoning your dreams.

I’ve seen this happen TOO MANY times to good practitioners.

I don’t want you to be one of them!

If you want to go into this topic in detail, along with WAY more, you might want to think about coming to my Practice Building Masterclass, where we’ll be discussing all of this.

And you’ll leave with a new perspective and a new way of thinking about how you charge for what you do. And that can only help to make your practice successful and your bank balance healthy.

Details here:


Talking of money… You might have looked at the price of the course and thought ‘I can’t afford it‘.

But I’d like to suggest to you that if that’s what you think, then you need it more than ever!

And look at this way. If you charge, say, £40 per session, then you only need an extra 6 bookings to pay for the course.

Think you can get an extra 6 bookings with what you learn? If you follow my advice, you’ll soon be getting 6 extra sessions per month… and then before long, 6 extra sessions per week!