Acupoints: Liver 3 – ‘Great Rushing’

Known by acupuncturists in New York as ‘The Urban Stress Point’, this acupoint on the top of the foot is one of the most popular points for dealing with stress.

In Chinese Medicine terms it helps to ‘spread the Liver Qi’ – this means that it deals with Qi stagnation, which can cause symptoms such as irritability, frustration, depression, mood swings, stress, irregular periods and pain.

It is also a nourishing point for the Liver Blood and Yin, making it useful for insomnia, dry skin, weak nails etc. The Liver relates to the eyes, and Liver 3 is often used for dry and blurry eyes.

It is located on the top (dorsum) of the foot between the 1st and 2nd metatarsals. To find it, place your finger at the meeting point of the big and 2nd toes and slide it up the groove away from the toes. A pronounced depression can normally be felt at the location of Liver 3. You may have to press with a little more pressure if you can’t feel it.

For any problem that is worse with stress, Liver 3 can be used.Simple acupressure on this point can be used to help to relieve stress and clear the head and eyes. Apply pressure until a Qi sensation is felt or until the point is slightly sore.

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