Acupoints: Kidney 1 – ‘The Bubbling Spring’

Acupoint Yong Quan – ‘The Bubbling Spring’ – Kidney 1

The point Yongquan, on the sole of the foot, is one of the most important in Qi Gong practice, and is also of great use in Tui na and acupuncture for its calming and relaxing effect.

It is located on the sole of the foot, between the 1st and 2nd metatarsals, roughly a third of the distance between the base of the second toe and the heel, in the pronounced depression below the balls of the feet (it roughly corresponds with the solar plexus point in reflexology.)

As the only point on the sole of the feet, it is the lowest on the body and has a strong effect on descending Qi and Yang from the head. It is thus used for headaches, cough, dizziness and  nosebleeds.

In Qi Gong practice, Yongquan is the point through which we connect with the Yin energy of the earth. It has a rooting, grounding effect and can be used in all cases of anxiety, agitation, insomnia etc. So great is its calming effect that one of the classical indications for this point is for ‘rage with desire to kill’!

How to use it

In my experience Yongquan responds well to simple pressure, and I often use it in Tui Na massage treatments. Apply strong pressure to this point until a Qi sensation is felt at the fingers, or if uncertain, for a minute or so.

For insomnia, massage or press the point before bed. In China this is often combined with a warm foot bath to help sleep.

Yongquan is one of the easier points to activate mentally. If you are feeling anxious or over-stimulated, simply turn your attention to the soles of your feet. Feel the pressure of the ground against them. Focus on the Yongquan point. You may find it useful to imagine roots growing out of your feet and descending deep into the earth.