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Feeling out of sorts? Get a ‘tune-up’ treatment

In ancient China, doctors would travel from village to village, where they would see every villager in turn and give the treatment or advice as required. In return the doctor would receive a small payment from each person he saw. If a villager got sick, then they stopped paying.

In this way, the doctor’s job was to maintain health and prevent disease, not to cure it

This approach is very different to the modern way, where we only seek medical advice after we are already ill!

The techniques of Chinese medicine can be used not only to treat illness, but to maintain health and well-being, and this is how they were traditionally used in China. Regular treatment with acupuncture or tui na massage helps to keep energy levels up, regulates the flow of Qi in the body, and boosts immunity.

Eating right for the season, taking into account your age, sex, constitution, and current health, can also really make a big difference. The ancient knowledge of Chinese Nutritional therapy allows practitioners to give advice on exactly what and how you should be eating at the current time to maintain health and vitality.

And herbal medicine can be used to make deep and profound adjustments that boost your health and well-being on all levels.

And talking of different levels, don’t forget that Chinese medicine looks at physical, mental and emotional health as inter-related, and works on all 3 levels at once, working simultaneously on energy levels, sleep, immunity, mood and emotions.

There are a number of different ways to use Chinese Medicine for well-being and health maintenance:

Regular treatments – Having a treatment every month or 6 weeks is a great way to maintain health and vitality. Regular acupuncture and/or tui na massage keeps you relaxed and healthy, and helps to reduce stress, improve sleep and resist illness. Nutritional advice can also be tailored to your circumstances as things change. Herbs can be added when required. As always, it’s a bespoke package, tailored exactly to you.

Seasonal treatments – Many people find that they struggle or fall ill at the changes in the seasons. These can be good times for a boosting treatment to keep energy levels up and prevent illness.

Special Treatments – Specific treatments can be used to strongly boost the body’s energy (Qi). This is part of the art of ‘nourishing life’, which is used to delay ageing, and improve overall health and functioning. This can be useful for anyone over the age of 30. A few treatments are normally given close together, and repeated once per year. The strengthening qualities of moxibustion are often used for this purpose.

So if you’re feeling out-of-sorts or could do with a boost, consider getting yourself a top-up!

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