Follow The Qi Of The Seasons To Nourish The Spirit

According to ancient Taoist beliefs, the primary method for achieving good health and contentment is tuning in to the natural changes of life, or in other words ‘going with the flow’.

The most obvious natural flows are the changes from night to day and from season to season, and we can follow these changes by adjusting our own activities according to the time of day and time of year. This is an important part of Nourishing Life or Yang Sheng in ancient Chinese medicine.

I recently came across a short video clip that explains these concepts.

The translator, Heiner Fruehauf is a respected clinician, specialising in the Taoist aspects of Chinese Medicine. In this video he talks about the Shen or ‘Spirit’ which encompasses the whole of the mind and emotions, and is our link with the infinite.

By ‘tuning in’ to the Qi of the world around us you can nourish and strengthen your Shen, which helps you to feel grounded, centered and calm. As the Chinese would say, when your Shen goes in the same direction as the Tao you are going with the flow, and Nourishing Life (Yang Sheng) and life becomes much less stressful!

(Watch the video here)

This principle of going with the flow of the natural world is one of the 4 Pillars Of Radiant Health, which are the 4 different approaches you can use yourself to reboot your health and well-being.

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