Recommended Reading: ‘Nourishing Broth’ by Sally Fallon Morell

I’m a big fan of the broth.

There has always seemed something magical about real, home-made stock, both for culinary purposes (it makes everything taste great) and for healing purposes (it makes me feel great!)

This book explains why, with plenty of simple advice on how to make the perfect broth, research and history, and some recipes to boot. I love it!

What we’re talking about here is good, old-fashioned stock made from bones. (Sorry vegetarians, you may as well stop reading here – I’m afraid this post isn’t for you!)

By simmering up the bones, along with some veggies if you like, you extract all sorts of tasty and healthful ingredients. ‘Nourishing Broth’ looks at exactly what ends up in a finished bone broth, focusing on key amino acids and gelatin, and exploring their healing potential.

Fallon Morell makes a strong case for the role of broth in general health maintenance, as well as for specific conditions, especially bone, joint and skin conditions, this is due largely to the effect it has on collagen and cartilage. Plus, did you know that bone broth contains glucosamine? No need for the daily tablets for your joints, have some broth instead!

In Chinese medicine, broth is considered a powerful Qi, Blood and Jing tonic, and is used in a variety of therapeutic dishes. (Read more about this, and own recipe for bone broth, here)

Nourishing Broth takes you through how to make the perfect broth, with lots of recipes for how to make the broth, and also quite a few recipes for how to use the broth once you’ve made it.

It’s about as complete as it could be, pretty much the definitive guide to broth, but approachable and easy to read. Very highly recommended!

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