Recommended Reading: ‘Brodo, A Bone Broth Cookbook’ by Marco Canora

If you’ve been with me for any time, you’ll have heard me extolling the virtues of bone broth.

So I was very happy to hear about ‘Brodo’ – a bone broth cookbook by New York broth fanatic Marco Canora.

Canora, an multi-award winning chef, runs Hearth, a ‘farm-to-table’ restaurant in New York’s East Village. One day he had the brainwave to turn the little window at the side of the restaurant into a take-away hatch to sell mugs of steaming bone-broth – His mission, to convert New Yorkers from their daily starbucks to a mug of healthy, delicious broth.

This was a few years ago, and Canora has been vaguely on my radar ever since. I’ve yet to make it out to New York to visit his restaurant, so for now his bone-broth cookbook will have to keep me going.

And what a lovely little book it is. In the past I’ve recommended Sally Fallon-Morell’s book ‘Nourishing Broth‘, which is quite a big book focusing on the health benefits of bone-broth. But Brodo is very much a book written by a chef. There’s a brief introduction to bone broth’s healing powers, but then we get into the recipes, and Canora is all about flavour.

These are recipes for ‘sipping’ broths, designed to be flavoursome enough to drink on their own. As well as the usual chicken, beef and lamb broths, there are more unusual recipes for smokey pork broth, clam broth and others.

The strength of this book is in the little additions that Canora recommends. I’d never added tomato to a broth before, for instance – it makes a big difference! And until I read ‘brodo’ I had never really made many mixed bone broths (his signature ‘Hearth Broth’ is a mixture of chicken, turkey and beef)

There is also a section of broth ‘additions’ – flavoursome add-ins for your daily mug of broth, like ginger juice, or thai-infused coconut milk.

Finally, a short section on risottos (made using the bone broth, of course)

This is not a big book – only 128 pages, and printed in a small format. But that’s just perfect. You get a bit of background, and then a condensed collection of lovely recipes – just what you need from a simple, focused recipe book.

Brodo is an ideal introduction to bone broth for newbies, and will interest more experienced broth-fans with interesting recipes focused on maximum flavour. Very highly recommended.

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