Recommended Reading: Cultured Club by Dearbhla Reynolds

As you may know, I’m a big fan of fermented foods and home fermenting… and I think I might just have a new favorite book on the subject!

‘The Cultured Club’ by Dearbhla Reynolds is everything you want from a cook book. Simple, easy to follow recipes, well laid out, and with beautiful photography. Simple enough for the beginner, but also  with some unusual and challenging recipes for the more experienced.

(Side note: If you’re not yet au fait with the joys of fermented foods, you could check out my Beginner’s Guide To Fermentation)

OK, back to the book… you’ll find all the basics here. Half a dozen recipes each for sauerkraut and kimchi, and a wide range of simple vegetable ferments (very easy – you pretty much just add veggies to brine and let them sit for a while)

Fermented fruits are also given some space, and I’m looking forward to trying some of the chutneys, sauces and relishes – for instance there are recipes here for fermented mustard, horseradish and lime pickle.

Drinks aren’t neglected either – as well as the favourites (kombucha, kefir, lemonade etc) Dearbhla treats us to Tepache (made with pineapple and cinnamon) and probiotic tomato juice (and if you’re thinking “that would make a great Bloody Mary” she’s ahead of you – there’s a recipe for that, too!)

Sprinkled throughout the book are recipes and ideas for how to use your finished ferments. And there are some great tips here too, for instance ideas for using up left-over juice from sauerkraut… And did you know you can use a komucha mother to ferment coffee as instead of tea?

I think I’ve said enough. If you’re looking for a good beginner’s guide to fermentation, this is it. And if you’ve got Katz’s books (Wild Fermentation and The Art Of Fermentation) and you’re hungry for more, give this one a go.

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