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Money And The Modern Practitioner

You know what? I’m just going to say it: ‘MONEY’ IS NOT A DIRTY WORD! I believe that as a practitioner, you should be fairly remunerated for your skills. I believe that your practice should make a healthy profit and you should be able to support yourself financially. And you put a lot of money […]

Recipe: Egyptian Lentils

This is a lovely dish that I’ve been having for breakfast recently. I first came across it an old vegetarian recipe book, where it was called ‘Egyptian-style Lentils’. Having never been to Egypt, I can’t vouch for its origins, but it tastes great! Ingredients (4 portions) 225g puy or green lentils 1-2 large red chilis […]

Practitioners: The Secret To A Successful Practice

I don’t mind admitting that I’ve wasted thousands of pounds over the years on ads of all kinds to try to fill up my practice. For the most part, they failed miserably. But with hindsight, the experience has been valuable, as it lead me to discover how to market and promote my practice successfully. And […]

Beginner’s Fermentation: The Basics

What Is Fermentation? Fermentation is the name given to the action of bacteria, yeasts or other microorganisms. During the process carbohydrates are converted into either alcohol or organic acids under anaerobic conditions. Fermentation will sometimes happen spontaneously, and can also be encouraged! Types Of Fermentation There are broadly 2 types of fermentation – Wild ferments […]