Recommended Reading: The Headspace Guide to Mindfulness & Meditation by Andy Puddicombe

One line summary: A non-hippy, non-religious, easy to read introduction to mindfulness and meditation, even for those who have tried before and decided it wasn’t for them Andy Puddicombe is the brains (and voice) behind the excellent Headspace app, which I have used for a while now. He was brought up in Bristol (UK) and […]

Acupressure Treatment For Pain

Acupressure and tuina (the Chinese massage style which incorporates acupressure) have a wide range of uses, but they are both most well known for their effect on pain. In my Bristol Chinese medicine clinic, I frequently use acupressure/tuina for pain of all kinds, and find it to be very effective. So I thought I’d share […]

Recipe: Egyptian Lentils

This is a lovely dish that I’ve been having for breakfast recently. I first came across it an old vegetarian recipe book, where it was called ‘Egyptian-style Lentils’. Having never been to Egypt, I can’t vouch for its origins, but it tastes great! Ingredients (4 portions) 225g puy or green lentils 1-2 large red chilis […]

Beginner’s Fermentation: The Basics

What Is Fermentation? Fermentation is the name given to the action of bacteria, yeasts or other microorganisms. During the process carbohydrates are converted into either alcohol or organic acids under anaerobic conditions. Fermentation will sometimes happen spontaneously, and can also be encouraged! Types Of Fermentation There are broadly 2 types of fermentation – Wild ferments […]

Fibromyalgia treatment with Chinese Medicine

Fibromyalgia is a complex condition involving pain and other symptoms such as tiredness, increased sensitivity to gentle touch, weakness of the limbs, sleep problems, anxiety, depression and muscle spasms. Difficulty concentrating and problems with the memory are also common – this is often referred to as ‘brain fog’ or ‘fibro-fog’. The clinical picture varies tremendously […]

Beginners Fermentation: Water Kefir

Along with sauerkraut and it’s variations, water kefir is my favorite fermented food (well, actually a drink). It’s really simple, super versatile, and tastes so good it’ll even convert non-fermentation fanatics! Essentially, water kefir is simply fermented sugar water. You add a starter (kefir ‘grains’ – a colony of yeast and bacteria) to something sweet […]

Chinese Medicine For Adrenal Fatigue

If you always feel tired no matter how much sleep you get, have been suffering with stress over a long periods of time, and are feeling generally run down and low, then you might be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue. What is Adrenal Fatigue? Adrenal Fatigue, or Adrenal Exhaustion, describes a state of chronic fatigue, with […]

Beginner’s Fermentation: The Easy Way To Make Your Own (Delicious) Yoghurt

I’ve recently been playing around with making yoghurt, and thought I’d share my results here. My aim is to get you experimenting at home yourself! Why Make Your Own Yoghurt? When it’s cheap and easy to buy, why bother making your own? I reckon there are a few reasons More complex and numerous good bacteria, […]

The Benefits Of Acupuncture

2.3 million traditional acupuncture treatments are carried out in the UK each year, which makes it one of the most popular complementary therapies. In my experience, people come for acupuncture because they are concerned about the side effects of drugs and surgery, and are looking for a more natural alternative. Acupuncture is ideal, as it […]